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Témoignages après la consultation ayurvédique

Vous pouvez laisser ici un témoignage au sujet de votre (vos) consultations ayurvédiques avec nathalie, en précisant, si possible, le lieu et la date de la consultation.

Avez-vous appris quelque chose sur vous même ?

Cela vous a-t-il incité à changer vos habitudes de vie et/ou d'alimentation ? 

Quels bénéfices en avez-vous retiré ?




You can leave a comment here on your ayurvedic consultation(s) with nathalie, precising, if possible, the date and place of this consultation.

Did you learn something about yourself ?

Did you change something in your life and food habits ?

With which benefits ?


Thank you.

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    Winny (vendredi, 23 mai 2014 14:22)

    I met Nathalie in Raiwala, India at the aurovalley ashram.
    I have done an ayurvedic session with her although I was a little sceptical.
    She was very clear about what changes I had to follow. But she made me believe I would feel better. So I tried it.
    And yes, I feel much better now. Because I feel better, it is not difficult to go further with the diet. It is not really a diet, you just feel more which food is good for you and which food keeps you out of balance.
    So the ayurvedic consultation helped me a lot also to know myself better. And Nathalie has a gentle and wise approach.

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    Marna (lundi, 19 mai 2014 21:48)

    I was fortunate enough to meet Nathalie at Aurovalley earlier this year, initially as one of her yoga students, but later as one of her Ayurveda clients/patients. Nathalie was able to identify my dosha simply by looking at me, and her assessment was exact (I already knew I was Pitta type but the ease with which Nathalie saw this, and pinpointed my health issues without missing a beat, was most impressive). Further consultation resulted in Nathalie developing a 'prescription' of ayurvedic medicine for me and advice around lifestyle, eating and food habits etc. Initially I was afraid I wouldn't be able to access the medicine I needed in Ireland, but it was very easy to get hold of. I'm just shy on 2 months into this programme and I honestly feel different. Nathalie's commitment to and love of Ayurveda is infectious. I've been to see Ayurvedic Doctors, Accupuncturists, Chinese Medicine Doctors etc...this time I stuck with Nathalie's programme and I'm so glad that I did. I feel so much better in myself, for the first time I feel in control of my health. Working under Nathalie's direction has been both empowering and liberating. I had two main health issues that have been with me forever and both have improved significantly. A nice side effect has been that my skin and hair condition have improved, my digestion is much better and I have great energy. I have found that my self awareness and self acceptance has increased and although this has become a cliched term, I am much more mindful in my decision making in relation to food, lifestyle (working hours, exercise etc) and I feel that I have a higher capacity to manage negative thought patterns now.
    Nathalie practices with a sincerity that is hard to find, her approach is supportive and non-judgmental and I highly recommend consulting with her.